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 Marcia and family

Marcia Green

Marcia Green, The founder of Washington Apple Country Tours has brought together the Apple industry in the Wenatchee Valley to the benefit of all. Three years ago with a variety of industry marketing experiences Marcia set out to do something that would help the community of orchard growers who had fallen on tough times. She began by setting up Washington Apple Country, giving local agriculture producers an avenue to sell their goods within a direct market program. This secure online website features value added products, jams, syrups, soaps, lotions, candy, fresh fruit, all of which are grown, produced, processed, by local Washington resident individuals and families.

An artist in her own right Marcia creates gift groupings ready for immediate giving, along with a hand written gift cards. The latest additions include her Lady Blush Collection ~ Beautiful gifts for cherished loved ones.

Marcia continued to work with other Agricultural based businesses in preparing and heading to market, their products & properties to further enhance their business's- and ready themselves for the ag-tourism guests to our region . Many in the industry began to rally in the direction she was pointing. Along with the help of a other like minded community members, Cascade Foothills Farmland Association (CFFA ) was begun, a non-profit organization committed to promoting Ag-tourism. She continues to participate as a founding board member, promoting special events and activities in the foothills of North Central Washington, Chelan, & Douglas counties.

The ongoing result of all her hard work is an industry working together to offer a unique and educational experience to all non-agricultural Americans. Everybody knows about the Washington apple, the worlds finest, but now you can meet the people that provide the finest. Many families have been growing apples for generations enjoying a rich heritage in the Wenatchee Valley. The valley is known for being the worlds most perfect place to grow apples, sweet cherries, pears, apricots and wine grapes. Marcia has seen this, along with the unique beauty of this region and the appeal that must be shared with others. With her vision, creativity and ability to bring people together, you now have the opportunity to come and receive a cultural and regional experience that you will never forget.

A special invitation is extended to each and every one of you…come and visit the Apple Capital of the World, a title held for over 100 years.

You will then understand the risks and challenges met on a daily basis to bring you quality fruit & fancy's from Washington , with your health and best interest at heart.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Marcia Green

Apple Country Tours

Enjoy the "Fruit of our Labor" with customized bus tours through the scenic Wenatchee Valley.

See and experience-
- Working Family Orchards
- Antique Packing Line Demo
- Commercial Packing Line
- Sample the fruit varieties

Education, Entertainment & Fun

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